Apiary management

Apiary management


Why should we educate about apiary management techniques  ?

ouverturerucheYou are a private and you desire to get your own hives in your garden to gather your own honey ? Or are you already a beekeeper willing to optimize or widen your business ?

In both cases, it is important to keep in mind that beekeeping requires certain theoretical basis and then a lot of practise ! To be educated to beekeeping techniques ensures then to optimize your time, to make your work more pleasant in the apiary, and to increase your business profitability.


What are the different aspects to know ?

To manage your apiaries, it is important to :

  • Know bee biology and a colony behaviour
  • Chose a location with conditions adapted to bees
  • Be able to manage, feed and take care of your colonies
  • Know how to gather honey and other beehive products
  • Control techniques indispensables to renew your colonies


Vocational trainings

Introduction to bee's world
Biology, Colony cycle and organization, bees jobs, etc.
Create your apiary: type of beehives, location, regulation  Debutant
Techniques for swarm production and queen introduction
How and when should I produce swarms, how to change the queen, etc.
Why, When and How to feed your bees (candies and syrups)  Debutant
Honey gathering and extraction, introduction to other beehive products  Intermediaire

What is my level ?

Debutant Intermediaire Expert
  I never opened a beehive.
I am a beginner beekeeper.
  I have already some beehives and some experience in beekeeping.   I am an experienced beekeeper.
I manage at least 50 beehives.

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