Beehive products

Beehive products

 Why should we valorize beehive products ?

Photo-pollen-1Excepted for some isolated countries, worldwide honey production go through an unprecedented slowing. The beekeeper is subjected to climatic hazards, to beekeeping diseases, phytosanitary treatments, etc.

To compensate these issues and reduce financial risk, it is important to diversify its activities and valorize its products.


 How to diversify its production and valorise its products ?

To reduce financial risk due to agricultural production, it is possible to :

  • Diversify its business proposing other bee products : pollen, royal jelly, propolis, breeding products, pastries, candies, jams, etc.
  • Optimize apiary management to reduce production costs: feeding, maintenance visits, treatments, etc.
  • Diversify distribution channels to increase commercial margin: Online sales, creation of a store, export, etc.
  • Valorise its honey price with an adapted communication: commercial sales pitch, attractive labels, good presentation of the products, trademark, etc.


Vocational trainings

Optimize your business
Business audit, analysis of productions, financial balance, risks assessment,  etc.
Valorise your products and trademark
Identify your market, create a trademark, chose your design, logo, products labelling, shop layout, etc.
Develop your business online
Create your own website, web hosting and domain, search engine optimization, create customers loyalties (emailings), etc.
Honey:  understand and control the crystallization
Honey characteristics (water and sugar contents), consumers expectations, technical skills to control crystallization, regulation, HMF, etc.
Honey sensory analysis
learning flavours, recognize odours,  introduction to organoleptic identifications (honey identity cards, description of  honey samples), etc.
Apitherapy : honey bee products benefits
Definition, composition and properties of each beehive product, pathologies and adapted treatments, case studies, properties following botanical origin or conservation methods, etc. 
Honey jams  Debutant
Gingerbread, madeleine cakes and honey chocolates  Debutant

What is my level ?

Debutant Intermediaire Expert
  I never opened a beehive.
I am a beginner beekeeper.
  I have already some beehives and some experience in beekeeping.   I am an experienced beekeeper.
I manage at least 50 beehives.

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