Honey processing

Honey processing

Vocational trainings

Control the crystallization of your honey !

Honey characteristics, consumer expectations, technical skills to control crystallization, regulations

Enhance your products : Sensory assessment and flavoured honeys

Sensory assessment, sense and sensations, how to taste honey, flavoured honey, realization

Diversify your products : Gingerbread and honey nougat workshop

Manufacturing workshops, recipe realization, etc.

Be greedy ! Candy workshops, black nougat and honey cereal bars

Manufacturing workshops, recipe realization, etc.

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Why should we valorize beehive products ?

Excepted for some isolated countries, worldwide honey production go through an unprecedented slowing.
The beekeeper is subjected to climatic hazards, to beekeeping diseases, phytosanitary treatments, etc.

To compensate these issues and reduce financial risk, it is important to diversify its activities and valorize its products.

In addition, product diversification often meets all customer needs, ensuring customer loyalty. To do this, just vary the textures and flavors :
  • gingerbread,
  • nougat,
  • candy,
  • cereal bar
There will be something for everyone !
Finally, knowing how to control the texture of its honey, describing it by its sensory characteristics or even realizing gingerbread and confectionery can bring an additional commercial advantage to beekeepers.

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