Development of bee-keeping sector in Tunisia

At the beginning of April, APINOV went to Tunisia, supervised by the NGO Taysir Conseil.
The purpose of this mission was to realize an audit of the bee-keeping sector in the governorate of Jendouba in Tunisia and more particularly in the delegations of Fernana, Ain Draham, Tabarka and Ghardimaou.
The objective is to set up a plan of training and financing of future beekeepers and to created 400 direct jobs connected to the sector.

Balance sheet

Indeed, after travelled eight exploitation in the governorate, we were able to write a first balance sheet and plan the actions to be led first and foremost.
As a first step we are going to propose technical trainings (particularly in management of livestock, nourishing and genetic selection) to refine the skills of the beekeepers, who already have some good bee-keeping knowledges.
We also noticed beekeepers have some difficulties to buy quality equipment not too expensive.
The solution proposed to solve this difficult it’s to create, during the next week, a bee-keeping cooperative which will enable to order some big volume.

The Tunisian association Taysir Conseil was selected by the International Labour Organization to realized PEJTUN project in the governorate of Jendouba. During three years some differents jobs will be create in the bee-keeping sector.


Content of the first mission :

  • One introduction to the bee-keeping training
  • Checking of apiaries


  • Teacher-training


  • A market analysis of the honey in Jendouba



After the actions carried out, we expressed our technical recommendations, various propositions of projects of investments and some instructions for the valuation of the communication around the honey of Jendouba to the NGO Taysir Conseil.
Now, the government of Jendouba and the delegations of Ain Draham, Tabarka, Fernana and Ghardimaou have all the assets to develop a strong and durable bee-keeping sector.
Today more than 150 people were trained in beekeeping through to this project.
At the beginning of November we return to Tunisia to make a mission of follow-up of the project PEJTUN.
Indeed, we shall make a technical follow-up to the beekeepers, and a logistic support around the training of the future beekeepers and also present officially the whole project to the local authorities.




More information on the web site and Facebook of the NOG Taysi Conseil.