Insemination of queen bees training on the Reunion island

At the end of January 2018, Apinov team went on the volcanic Island  of « Réunion » for one technical training about the Varroa mites and the artificial insemination of queen-bees.

During two days, the professional beekeepers of the Island did a complete training course in order to establish and follow a plan of selection for VSH. Several skills were approached :

  • Know the biology, the treatments and the ways of integrated fights against the varroa,
  • Know the principles of processing of bees against varroa mites,
  • Perfect in the queen-bees’ instrumental insemination,
  • Perfect in the methods of testage of the stumps, in particular in the tests against Varroa mites.

The result of this training : a beautiful collective performance with 40 inseminated queen-bees for the « Bees Bourbon » Team. Afterward, a first method of SMR testage was conducted with scores close to 50 % on managed fertilized queens ! this score SMR consists in estimating the percentage of not breeder Varroa mites in the brood.

All the Apinov team thanks the whole beekeepers for the preparation of drones and the ADA of the Reunion Island for the good organization of the training.