Apiarian experts, our vocation is to help the beekeepers to live better on their job and to participate in the protection of their bees.

For it, we select and raise the best bees (productive, soft, hygienic and resistant in the varroa to produce queens inseminated for the beekeepers breeders.

We move also all over the world to advise and form the beekeepers, with a more particular sensibility for the themes of the bee's health and the genetic selection.

We also propose training courses on our exploitation in La Rochelle, where we have all the equipment and the necessary infrastructures.

Our fields of expertise

Selection – Breeding

- Queens and drones breeding
- Selection programmes
- Insemination
- etc.

Bee’s health

- Products for bee's health
- Pest control
- Bee diseases

Apiary management

- What type of beehive to choose ?
- Care for your bees
- Bee biology
- etc.

Beehive products

- How to sell your products ?
- Honey crystallization
- Apitherapy
- etc.