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Beekeeping management

Vocational trainings

Beekeeping management

Vocational trainings

Optimize your beekeeping operation with a clear and effective strategy

Identify short-term priorities and establish operational planning to increase efficiency and serenity.

Communicate to sell better : notoriety, image and communication tools 2.0

How to stand out from the competition, define your identity, choose suitable communication tools.

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In every sector of activity as well as in beekeeping, the fundamentals of the organization are essential to be able to develop a sustainable activity. How, according to his choices of activities, identify priorities and establish an organizational schedule to be respected over time?

How to diversify its production and valorise its products?

To reduce the financial risk inherent in agricultural production, it is possible to:

  • To diversify its operation by proposing other products of the hive than honey: pollen, royal jelly, propolis, products of breeding, pastries, confectioneries, jams, etc.
  • Optimize livestock management to reduce production costs: feeding, travel, treatments, etc.
  • Diversify its distribution channels in order to increase its commercial margin : internet sales, creation of a shop on operations, export, etc.
  • To value the price of its honey through an elaborate communication: commercial pitch, attractive label, presentation of products, creation of a brand, etc.

Among several possibilities for diversification and development, the beekeeper must make choices taking into account those of his competition. For this it is important to respect the identity and vocation of your company: its image, to make a difference.

How do you enhance your image?

In a changing environment, it is important to follow current trends. Using the new communication tools is a great asset (when these are adapted to the audience you want to reach!).

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Voir le calendrier des prochaines formations