Selection – Breeding


Vocational trainings


Introduction to queen breeding

Bases of breeding, grafting and preparation of breeders, control of cells, use of fertilization nuclei

Integrate queen breeding during your beekeeping season

Development of queen breeding, farm management strategy, integration of breeding during a beekeeping season


Work less, Harvest more! The contribution of beekeeping selection

Interest in beekeeping selection, selection criteria and schemes, fertility control, colony testing

Artificial insemination of queen bees : Level 1

Preparation of equipment, anatomy, manipulations with trainer (sperm sampling, queen insemination), etc.

Artificial insemination of queen bees : Level 2

Preparation of equipment, manipulations in full autonomy, (sperm sampling, queen insemination), etc.

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Why do we practise breeding ?

Every year, a beekeeper looses a significant part of his bee colonies and he must rebuilt his livestock.
The breeding of queens and the use of nuclei of fertilization allow then to renew its hives at the least cost while selecting good bees.

Why should we select bees ?

Is it better to feed your colonies incessantly or to select bees with good saving sense ? Without selection, beekeeping becomes passive and subjected to environment’s good will. It is important to overcome issues and optimize apiary management with a genetic adaptation. For this purpose, it is necessary to practise selection and breeding.

This method will enable you to:

  • Improve your bees performance
  • Facilitate your work in the apiary
  • Increase your income

What is genetic selection ?

Our work is to help beekeepers to select a bee adapted to his work and environment.  She must be productive, gentle and must require the lowest care. Sanitary aspects are also essentials, in particular 100% hygienic and VSH bees.

The method can be summarized into 3 steps:

  • An attentive observation of the apiary to select beehives corresponding to objective criteria previously chosen. It is the stage of biological father and mother selection
  • A control of fertilizations (insemination or controlled fertilization)
  • A rigorous selection of descendants. Its is called the testing stage.

Implementing a beekeeping selection plan is a continuous improvement of the beekeeper’s livestock. Each step is important and only a rigorous respect of this method will enable to make effective progress.

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