Selection – Breeding

Selection - Breeding

Why should we select bees  ?

Is it better to feed your colonies incessantly or to select bees with good saving sense ? Without selection, beekeeping becomes passive and subjected to environment's good will. It is important to overcome issues and optimize apiary management with a genetic adaptation. For this purpose, it is necessary to practise selection and breeding.

This method will enable you to:

  • Improve your bees performance
  • Facilitate your work in the apiary
  • Increase your income


What is genetic selection  ?

Our work is to help beekeepers to select a bee adapted to his work and environment.  She must be productive, gentle and must require the lowest care. Sanitary aspects are also essentials, in particular 100% hygienic and VSH bees.

The method can be summarized into 3 steps:

  • An attentive observation of the apiary to select beehives corresponding to objective criteria previously chosen. It is the stage of biological father and mother selection
  • A control of fertilizations (insemination or controlled fertilization)
  • A rigorous selection of descendants. Its is called the testing stage.


Each step is important and only a rigorous respect of this method will enable to make effective progress.

Vocational trainings

Introduction to selection programmes
Criteria selection, fertilization control, origin testing, etc.
Planning a selection programme
Calendars management, roles distribution, writing and monitoring pedigrees, cross-breeding strategies, etc.
Queen breeding Intermediaire
The use of fertilization nucleis
Management of a fertilization centre, introduction of royal cells or virgin queens, etc. 
Drones breeding Intermediaire
Insemination - level 1
Preparation of equipment, anatomy, manipulations with trainer (sperm sampling, queen insemination), etc. 
 Insemination - level 2
Preparation of equipment, manipulations in full autonomy, (sperm sampling, queen insemination), etc. 
Introduction to criteria and testing methods
Evaluation criteria, hierarchisation, quotations, etc.
Testing methods - level 2
Feedbacks, quotations, hygienic tests, statistical analysis of results, etc.
Genetic characterization : bees morphometric analysis
bees wings preparation, training to Apiclass software, etc.

What is my level ?

Debutant Intermediaire Expert
  I never opened a beehive.
I am a beginner beekeeper.
  I have already some beehives and some experience in beekeeping.   I am an experienced beekeeper.
I manage at least 50 beehives.

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