Bee’s health

Bee's Health

Vocational trainings

Diseases and pesticides : Identify the risks !

Main pathologies, focus varroa, environment and pesticides, impact on bees

Fight against varroa effectively : Treatment strategies and resistant bees

Varroa development cycle, infestation, VSH bee control strategies and behaviour

Keeping Your Bees Healthy : Nutrition and feeding strategies

Nutritional supplementation at Apis mellifera, nutritional needs, environment, nutrition and health

Protect your bee colonies from the Asian hornet (Vespa velutina)

Identification, control Strategies and protection

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Bee health : an essential element 

Keeping bees healthy is key to sustaining their livestock. Every year, epidemiological studies are more than alarming: winter losses are increasing, sometimes as high as 50% !
In order to minimize his losses, It is therefore essential to have a solid knowledge of the different diseases of bees and adequate treatments without forgetting nutritional supplementation to support the development of sometimes weak colonies.

What are the different aspects to be mastered ?

To maintain healthy bees, it is important to :
  • Know how to identify the various diseases and pests of the bee (varroa, loques, nosemose, Asian hornet, Aethina tumida, etc…)
  • Know the different adapted treatments to each disease, their modes of action and the adapted treatment periods,
  • Implement health control strategies, including varroa, to mitigate resistance,
  • Determine the characteristics of a good nutrition and understand how to choose a good nutritional substitute adapted to its colonies and their environment.

The importance of nutrition for bee colony health

Mastering the aspects of nutritional supplementation for Apis Mellifera, allows the beekeeper to support the development of his sometimes weak colonies against numerous parasites and diseases.
Knowing the characteristics of good nutrition and knowing how to choose a good nutritional substitute amongst the wide choice offered by the market becomes essential.

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