Bee’s health

Bee's health

Why is bee's health fundamental ?


Keep his bees in good health is essential to perpetuate his apiaries. Each year, epidemiological studies are more than alarming: winter losses increase to higher and higher levels, up to 50% sometimes !

To minimize the losses, it is absolutely necessary to get strong knowledge about the different illnesses and adapted treatments.


What are the different aspects to control ?

To keep bees in good health, it is important to :

  • Know how to identify the different bee diseases and pests (varroa, foulbroods, nosema, Aethina tumida, etc.)
  • Know the different treatments adapted to each disease, their mode of action and periods of use
  • Organize integrated pest management, in particular for varroa, and reduce resistance


Vocational trainings

Introduction to bee diseases
Varroa, European and American foulbroods, waxmoth, nosema, etc.
Varroa : biology, development and pest management  Intermediaire
Varroa Sensitive Hygienic bees : how to find and multiply them ?
  VSH definition, resistance origin, colony selection, stabilisation of VSH criteria, multiplication methods, etc.
Small Hive Beetle: Aethina tumida
Origin, biology, detection, pest management, regulation, etc.


What is my level ? 

Debutant Intermediaire Expert
    I never opened a beehive.
I am a beginner beekeeper.
  I have already some beehives and some experience in beekeeping.   I am an experienced beekeeper.
I manage at least 50 beehives.

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