Our team

Our team


Mr. Benjamin Poirot (PhD)

President, Founding partner
R&D manager / Business developer

Benjamin POIROT has a Master of Science obtained at the University of Compiegne, and a doctorate in Biochemistry/Biotechnology from the University of La Rochelle, France. Son and grand-son of beekeepers, he decided to conciliate beekeeping and research, creating Apinov in collaboration with Myriam Laurie in 2007.

Thanks to his scientific skills and beekeeping know-how, he is now responsible for the Research and Development department; thus he initiates and supervises a large number of projects within the company. His beekeeping and scientific skills are recognized by the company of legal experts and the family court of Poitiers for which he has been nominated expert. Lecturer, he is also member of the French Apitherapy Association.


Mrs Myriam Laurie

Executive director,
Human resources, administration and financial manager

Myriam Laurie has a food-processing engineering degree, from the ENSBANA of Lyon, France, with a specialization in sensory analysis. She decided to join her competences to the passion of her partner, Benjamin Poirot, creating Apinov company in 2007.

Myriam Laurie is now responsible for the administrative and financial management of the company. Her role is also to manage Apinov team and supervise the different steps of projects development, from technical studies to final report writing. Finally she is in charge of the validation of products and recipes, setting up sensory analysis tests.


Mrs. Élise Poisson

Web communication and public relations

Élise Poisson has a Bachelor’s degree in global communication and webmarketing, from the University of La Rochelle, France. She is more particularly specialized in the digital communication.

Since 2016, her mission is to develop the web communication and the notoriety of the firm. She is also in charge of the development and the control of the company awareness (website, press releases, newsletters, community management, artwork etc.). Finally her multilingual skills contribute to the company visibility abroad, thanks to the different conferences and show she takes part with her collaborators.


Mr. Robin Azémar

Process engineering PhD
Project manager

Robin Azémar has a PhD of Science in process engineering, obtained from the ONIRIS School of Nantes, France.
Robin Azémar joined the team in September 2011 as a PhD student. His mission was to develop and optimize an industrial pilot enabling to obtain liquid honey from any raw honey and to keep it durably under this liquid form (24 months at least).

He is now in charge of apiary management and participates to technical and scientific studies within the company.